Spanish Beach Vocabulary

A beach trip is a really thrilling experience whether you go with your friends and family or go alone. However, you will need a wide array of words to describe your experience, express yourself and communicate during your trip.

This is why we bring you this guide to Spanish beach vocabulary that will help you identify the things around you. You will also find all the knowledge you need regarding Spanish beach vocab.

Beach Spanish Vocabulary

Here are the natural aspects that you would find at a beach. The Spanish words are as follows:

La playa The beach
La arena The sand
El mar The ocean
El sol The sun

A few more things that you might see at a beach in Spanish are given below. You might say “En la playa, yo veo…” to mean “At the beach, I saw…” and then add the following words.

Gaviotas Seagulls
Conchas Shells
Olas Waves
Salvavidas Lifeguard
Castillos de arena Sand castles

Beach Spanish Vocabulary: Verbs

There are a plethora of things that you can do at the beach. Here are the Spanish words for the things you might do at a beach.

Cuando voy a la playa, me encanta… When I go to the beach, I love to…
Broncearme To tan
Nadar To swim
Bucear To dive
Leer un Libro To read a book
Hacer snorkeling To do snorkeling

Spanish words for things you can take to the beach

You will be taking things to the beach, whether to have a good time or to relax. Here is a list of Spanish vocabulary for some things you can take to the beach.

Una pelota A ball
Una hielera A cooler
Un parasol An umbrella
Una tabla de surfear A surfboard
Una toalla A towel

Beach attire in Spanish

Your beachwear is also an essential part of your experience at the beach. Find the common Spanish words for beachwear below:

Sombrero Hat
Protector solar Sunscreen
Sandalias Sandals
Chancletas flip flops
Gafas sunglasses
Traje de bano Bathing suit


You can use this Spanish beach vocabulary anytime you go to the beach or wish to talk about your experience at the beach. There are many more words to cover, but these will help you express a complete beach experience.