Present Progressive


The present progressive in Spanish is formed by using the verb “estar” + the present participle. For “ar” verbs the ending is “ando” and for “er/ir” verb the ending is “iendo”

AR Verbs

As mentioned before, you add “ando” to the verbs ending in “ar”. You replace the “ar” at the end of the verb and add “ando”.

cantar = to sing
cantando = singing

“Yo canto.” = “I sing.”
“Yo estoy cantando.” = “I am singing.”

bailar = to dance
bailando = dancing

“Ella baila.” = “She dances.”
“Ella está bailando.” = “She is dancing.”

ER Verbs

For verbs ending in “er” you cross out the “er” and add “iendo”

comer = to eat
comiendo = eating

“Tú comes.” = “You eat.”
“Tú estás comiendo.” = “You are eating.”

beber = to eat
bebiendo = eating

“Nosotros bebemos.” = “We drink.”
“Nosotros estamos bebiendo.” = “We are drinking.”

IR Verbs

For verbs ending in “ir” you cross out the “ir” and add “iendo”. * “Ir” verbs that have a stem change also change in the present participle. (pedir > pidiendo)

abrir = to open
abriendo = opening

“Ellos abren la ventana.” = “They open the window.”
“Ellos están abriendo la ventana.” = “They are opening the window.”

dormir = to sleep
durmiendo = sleeping

“Ustedes duermen.” = “You guys sleep.”
“Ustedes están durmiendo.” = “You guys are sleeping.”