Basic Spanish Grammar Exercises with Answers

Grammar is the spine of any language. Without mastering a language’s grammar rules, you will not be able to fully converse and communicate in that language. Which is why it is crucial to test your knowledge every now and then to ensure that your grammar is apt.

Now that we’ve talked so much about Spanish vocabulary and grammar rules, its time to put your knowledge to test. To test your Spanish grammar skills, here are a few basic Spanish grammar exercises that will help you improve and move forward in your Spanish grammar journey. These Basic Spanish grammar exercises with answers will cover nouns, articles, verbs and much more.

Spanish Grammar Exercise: Pronouns

Pronouns are an important part of grammar no matter which language you talk about. In order to comfortably refer to a previously mentioned noun, we use pronouns. There are many different kinds of pronouns in English but Spanish grammar has even more of them. Fill in the following blanks with the appropriate Spanish pronouns:

1. _____ espanol. (I speak)
2. _____ dos coches. (We have)
3. _____ un hermano. (I have)
4. Conoce _____ al senor Martin? (Do you know)
5. Pasen _____ por aqui. (You come)
6. _____ si que llegaron tarde. (They arrive)

The solutions for this exercise can be found below.

Spanish Grammar Exercise: Nouns

Spanish nouns have genders unlike those in English. The genders are represented by the definite article “the” which has 4 different forms in the Spanish language. This exercise will help you determine which nouns are feminine and which ones are masculine. Add el,la,los or las to determine the genders.

1. Te vere ___ lunes.
2. Estudio ____ espanol.
3. Viven en ____ capital.
4. ____ rey es amable.
5. ____ hermano se va.
6. ____ viuda esta molesta
7. ____ profesoras estan calificadas
8. ____ libros estan oxidados.

The solutions to these questions can be found below.

Basic Spanish Grammar Exercise: Articles

Now that we’ve covered the definite article “the” in the nouns section, let’s take a look at the indefinite articles “a” and “an” which are translated to un, una, unos, and unas in Spanish.

Fill in the following blanks with the appropriate article. You can also write ‘NA’ if no article will be used in the blank. You can find the solutions at the bottom of this manual.

1. Es ___ buen medico.
2. Es ____ profesor.
3. Tiene ____ novia espanola.
4. No tengo ___ coche.
5. Posee ____ gran intelligencia.

Spanish Grammar Exercise: Adjectives

We know that in Spanish the adjectives precede the noun unlike English. However, the adjective is also preceded by an article generally. This is where you will put your knowledge of Spanish adjectives to use. Always remember that a noun follows an adjective no matter where you use it.

This exercise does not have any wrong or right answers. You need to fill in the blanks with appropriate adjectives. We will mention the suitable adjectives in the solutions for you to learn from.

1. Una corbata ______.
2. La pagina _______.
3. La hora _______.
4. Una palabara ______.
5. Un hombre ______ y ______.
6. La camiseta _____ esta bien pero prefiero la ______.
7. A el le gustan los edificios _______ pero yo prefiero los _______.

Solutions: Adjectives

1. Azul
2. Siguiente
3. Exacta
4. Espanola
5. Alto, Delgado
6. Verde, roja
7. Modernos, antiguous

Solutions: Pronouns

1. Hablo
2. Tenemos
3. Tengo
4. Usted
5. Ustedes
6. Ellos

Solutions: Nouns

1. El
2. El
3. La
4. El
5. El
6. La
7. Las
8. Los

Solutions: Articles

1. Un
2. Na
3. Una
4. Na
5. Una