Descriptive Adjectives

Classroom Activity for Descriptive Adjectives

Classroom Activity for Descriptive Adjectives

When I teach adjectives that describe people I like to follow the lesson with a game that students enjoy. Students like talking about famous athletes or movie stars and they perk up when they hear the names.

I first divide the class into groups of threes. Next, I explain that each group is to pick one famous person and one famous group of people. The goal is to use the verb ser plus any of the new adjectives to describe these people. I walk around the room making sure that the adjectives match the subject in both gender and number. Once everyone is done individual groups read their sentences out loud. The rest of the class tries to guess who the person is that is being described.

Sometimes nobody can guess who the person is. I write “A esta persona le gusta….” on the board and ask the group how this sentence should be completed. If the rest of the class still can’t get it I list verbs on the board and ask if this famous person does any of these activities. Usually someone has guessed correctly by now.

Each group goes again and now describes their group of people using the proper conjugation of “ser”. This activity can be followed with a worksheet on using adjectives to describe people.