Explanation of the uses of the verb Ser.


(Yo)Soy – I am
(Tú) Eres – You are
(Él/Ella/Usted) Es – He/She/ It is/ or you formal
(Nosotros/as) Somos- We are
(Vosotros/as) Sois – You (plural) are
(Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes) Son – They/ All of you (plural) are

When to use “SER”:

* To identify people:
Example: Tú eres doctor. = You are a doctor.

* To express nationality:
Example: Yo soy colombiano. = I am Colombian.

* To express what something is made out of:
Example: La camisa es de algodón. = The shirt is made of cotton.

* With “para” to tell what something is intended for:
Example: El dinero es para mi amigo. = The money is for my friend.

* To tell the time:
Example: Son las ocho y media de la mañana. = It’s 8:30 AM.

* To express possession:
Example: Este carro es de ellos. = This is their car.

* To express a characteristic:
Example: Yo soy inteligente. = I am smart.

* To express the date:
Example: Hoy es domingo. = Today is Sunday.