Spanish Weather Vocabulary

Spanish Weather Vocabulary

If you’re looking for the right Spanish weather terms to make small talk with your Spanish colleagues or to polish your skills, you’re at the right place.

This article will walk you through the different weather words in Spanish and teach you when to use them. Here are all the ways that you can use Spanish weather vocabulary while talking.

Spanish Weather Vocabulary using hace

Hacer is a Spanish verb that means “to do” or “to make.” The usage of the term hace for weather usually implies reporting what the weather “does.” Here is how you can use hace to talk about the weather in Spanish.

Hace Calor = The weather is hot

Hace Frio = The weather is cold

Hace Buen Tiempo = The weather is nice

Spanish weather terms using estar

Another verb that can be used to refer to weather in Spanish is estar. Estar means “to be.” It usually refers to things in a temporary state, like the weather. You can use estar in the following ways:

Esta nublado = It is cloudy

Esta ventoso = It is windy

Esta lloviendo = It is raining

Esta nevando = It is snowing

Spanish weather vocab using hay

To signify weather where “there is” something going on, you may use hay. Let’s see how hay is used in Spanish weather vocabulary.

Hay neblina = It is misty

Hay nubes = It is cloudy

Hay Viento = It is windy (there is wind)

Spanish Weather sayings

Besides these three terms used to talk about the weather in Spanish, there are also a few Spanish sayings about the weather.

Llueve a Cantaros = It’s raining buckets

Hace un frio que pela = It’s so cold it burns your skin

Me Estoy congelando = I’m freezing

Es un horno = It’s an oven

Reacting to weather in Spanish

Now that you know the Spanish weather terms, you should also know how to react to them. If you’re talking to someone about the weather, you can express yourself in the following ways:

Tengo calor = I am hot

Tengo Frio = I am cold


This article covers all the weather terms in Spanish so that you can make small talk and discuss the weather with anyone you want. You can also express yourself or exclaim when the weather is extreme using these weather terms.