Present Tense


In Spanish to conjugate a verb you basically cross out the last two letters of the verb in the infinitive form and add the correct ending. Spanish verbs end in either “ar”, “er” or “ir”. These are the endings that go with each type of verb:

Remember that the subject pronouns in Spanish are:
(yo) = I
(tú) = You
(él) = He
(ella) = She
(usted) = You (formal)
(nosotros/nosotras) = We
(ellos/ellas) = They
(ustedes) = All of you

AR verb endings

(yo) – o
(tú) – as
(él) – a
(ella) – a
(usted)- a
(nosotros/nosotras)- amos
(ellos/ellas)- an
(ustedes) – an

Example Verbs:

Hablar = To talk

(yo)hablo = I talk
(tú)hablas = You talk
(él)habla = He talks
(ella)habla = She talks
(usted)habla = You (formal) talk
(nosotros/nosotras)hablamos = We talk
(ellos/ellas)hablan = They talk
(ustedes)hablan = All of you talk

Yo hablo con mis amigos. = I talk with my friends.

Ella habla español. = She speaks Spanish.

Nosotros hablmos en clase. = We talk in class.

Caminar = To walk

(yo) camino
(tú) caminas
(él) camina
(ella) camina
(usted) camina
(nosotros/nosotras) caminamos
(ellos/ellas) caminan
(ustedes) caminan

Yo camino en el parque. = I walk in the park.

Ellos caminan en la noche. = They walk at night.

Nosotros caminamos a clase. = We walk to class.

ER verb endings

(yo) – o
(tú) – es
(él) – e
(ella) – e
(usted)- e
(nosotros/nosotras)- emos
(ellos/ellas)- en
(ustedes) – en

Example Verbs:

Comer = To eat

(yo) como = I eat
(tú) comes = You eat
(él) come = He eats
(ella) come = She eats
(usted)come = You (formal) eat
(nosotros/nosotras)comemos = We eat
(ellos/ellas)comen = They eat
(ustedes) comen = All of you eat

Yo como en el restaurante. = I eat in the restaurant.

Ella come tacos. = She eats tacos.

Nosotros comemos a las diez. = We eat at ten.

Beber = To eat

(yo) bebo = I eat
(tú) bebes = You eat
(él) bebe = He eats
(ella) bebe = She eats
(usted)bebe = You (formal) eat
(nosotros/nosotras)bebemos = We eat
(ellos/ellas)beben = They eat
(ustedes) beben = All of you eat

Tú bebes leche. = You drink milk.

Ella bebe cerveza. = She drinks beer.

Ustedes beben agua. = All of you drink water.

IR verb endings

(yo) – o
(tú) – es
(él) – e
(ella) – e
(usted)- e
(nosotros/nosotras)- imos
(ellos/ellas)- en
(ustedes) – en

Example Verbs:

Vivir = To live

(yo) vivo = I live
(tú) vives = You live
(él) vive = He lives
(ella) vive = She lives
(usted)vive = You (formal) live
(nosotros/nosotras)vivimos = We live
(ellos/ellas)viven = They live
(ustedes) viven = All of you live

Tú vives en Chicago. = You live in Chicago.

Ella vive en Guadalajara. = She lives in Guadalajara.

Ustedes viven muy lejos de aquí. = All of you live far from here.