Spanish Travel Vocabulary

Knowing the Spanish vocabulary for traveling and transport is very important when getting around. Need to know common Spanish words for travel? Here are all the Spanish words to learn for vacation.

Spanish terms for travel: Transportation

Everywhere you go, you will be using some kind of transport to get you there. To help you label all modes of transport in Spanish, here is a list of all transportation you might have to use.

El autobus Bus
El subtre/metro Subway
La motocicleta Motorcycle
La Bicicleta Bicycle
Carro/El Coche Car
El Avion Airplane
El tren Train
El conductor Driver
El Destino Destination
La Parada Stop

While these terms encapsulate all modes of transport, they won’t be sufficient to help you converse while traveling. Here are a few more Spanish terms for travel that can help you out.

Spanish Travel Vocabulary: Airport Lingo

If your travels include an airplane journey, you will have to go to an airport at least twice. Here are a few airport terms in Spanish.

Arribos/llegadas Arrival
La terminal Terminal
Salidas/partidas Departure
La pista Runway
La aduana Customs
El pasaporte Passport
El equipage Luggage
El pasaje/boleto Ticket

Besides these standard terms used in an airport, a few helpful phrases at the airport are also given below.

A que hora sale el vuelo 222? At what time does flight 222 leave?
A que hora llega el vuelo 222? At what time does flight 222 arrive?
Perdi mi equipaje I lost my luggage.
Donde esta la terminal sur? Where is the south terminal?
Donde Esta la Aduana? Where are the customs?

Now that we’ve covered the essential Spanish travel vocabulary list let’s look at some helpful phrases that can help you get around and communicate with the people around you.

Spanish phrases to learn

There are a few more phrases that might help you while you travel and use transport.

Un boleto, por favor One ticket please
Quiero  ir a ….. I want to go to …..
Pare Aqui, por favor Stop here please
Como puedo ir a ….. How can I get to….
Subir al autobus/tren Get on the bus/train.

Final Words

The Spanish travel vocabulary can differ from area to area. There can be many alternatives to one word. However, this list of travel-related terms in Spanish should be good enough for you to travel on your own without any problems.