Spanish Airport Vocabulary

Language is easily one of the most difficult challenges you may face when traveling. The prospect of going to a foreign land and not being able to communicate properly is scary, and even more so if the locals are unable or unwilling to converse in English.

Spanish is among the most useful languages to learn for traveling. It is spoken by millions of people in dozens of countries across the world such as Spain, Mexico, and Colombia. Most of the natives in these countries are not fluent in English, so before you fly into one of their airports you should brush up on your airport Spanish vocab.

In this article, you will learn some of the most commonly used Spanish airport terms. There will also be Spanish airport vocabulary activities at the end to help you remember them.

So without further ado:

un aeropuerto – an airport
“El aeropuerto está lleno de gente.” – “The airport is crowded.”

un vuelo – a flight
“El vuelo dura cuatro horas.” – “The flight takes four hours.”

una tarjeta de embarque – a boarding pass
“¿Dónde está mi tarjeta de embarque?” – “Where is my boarding pass?”

pasaporte – passport
“Perdí mi pasaporte.” – “I lost my passport.”

una escala – a stopover
“La escala es en Madrid.” – “The stopover is in Madrid.”

un terminal – a terminal
“¿Cómo llego al terminal 2?” – “How do I get to terminal 2?”

una puerta de embarque – a gate
“¿De qué puerta sale este vuelo?” – “What gate does this flight depart from?”

una maleta – a suitcase
“Tengo tres maletas.” – “I have 3 suitcases.”

un auxiliar de vuelo – a flight attendant
“La auxiliar de vuelo es muy bonita.” – “The flight attendant is very pretty.”

despegar – take off
“El vuelo está a punto de despegar” – “The flight is about to take off.”

aterrizar – land
“El vuelo está a punto de aterrizar” – “The flight is about to land.”

un atraso – a delay
“El vuelo de LAN 311 a Bogota está atrasado.” – “LAN flight 311 to Bogota is delayed.”

el equipaje – the baggage/luggage
“Puede recoger su equipaje en la cinta transportadora número 6.” – “You can collect your luggage on conveyer belt number 6.”

Spanish Airport Vocabulary Activities

1. El avión ha _____.

a) Aterrizado
b) Equipaje
c) Pasaporte

2. Mis _____ están perdidas.

a) Despegar
b) Escala
c) Maletas

3. Ella es una _____.

a) Auxiliar de vuelo
b) Aeropuerto
c) Eqipaje

4. La _____ es en Cordoba.

a) Puerta
b) Escala
c) Atraso

5. El vuelo sale de la _____ 3.

a) Tarjeta de embarque
b) Avión
c) Terminal