Spanish Sports Vocabulary

Are you a sports fan? Have you ever wondered how certain sports words are said in Spanish? If you answered yes, then keep on reading!

Sports plays a very important part in daily life for the people of Spain and Latin American countries. There are countless famous Spanish and Latino athletes such as Rafael Nadal, Lionel Messi, and Pau Gasol. Today, we have compiled a list of Spanish sports vocabulary to help you expand your knowledge of this very popular topic.

What is Sports in Spanish?

Sports in Spanish is called deportes.
“Me gusta hacer deportes.” – “I like to do sports.”

List of Sports in Spanish

fútbol – soccer
“Messi jugó al fútbol ayer.” – “Messi played football yesterday.”

voleibol – volleyball
“En los partidos de voleibol, la red debe estar bien tensada.” – “In volleyball matches, the net must be tight.”

baloncesto – basketball
“El baloncesto es el deporte más popular en mi país.” – “Basketball is the most popular sport in my country.”

tenis – tennis
“Rafael Nadal es tenista.” – “Rafael Nadal is a tennis player.”

ciclismo – cycling
“¿Quieres ir en bicicleta mañana?” – “Do you want to go cycling tomorrow?”

boxeo – boxing
“El boxeo es un deporte muy violento.” – “Boxing is a very violent sport.”

atletismo – track and field
“Pedro destaca en atletismo en el colegio.” – “Pedro excelled at track and field in college.”

natación – swimming
“¿Dónde está la nueva arena de natación?” – “Where is the new swimming arena?”

Spanish Sports Vocabulary List

pelota – ball
“¡Pásame la pelota!” – “Pass me the ball!”

bicicleta – bicycle
“Debes escoger una buena bicicleta para hacer triatlón.” – “You must choose a good bicycle to do a triathlon.”

cancha – court
“La cancha de baloncesto está mojada.” – “The basketball court is wet.”

campo – field
“Antes del partido, los jugadores cantan sus himnos nacionales en el campo de fútbol.” – “Before the game, the players sing their national anthems on the soccer field.”

piscina – pool
“La piscina está sucia.” – “The pool is dirty.”

estadio – stadium
“El estadio tiene una capacidad de 50.000.” – “The stadium has a capacity of 50,000.”

correr – to run
“Usain Bolt puede correr muy rápido.” – “Usain Bolt can run very fast.”

patear – to kick
“Carlos puede patear la pelota muy fuerte.” – “Carlos can kick the ball very hard

saltar – to jump
“Lebrón James puede saltar muy alto.” – “Lebron James can jump very high.”

lanzar – to throw
“¡Prepárate para lanzar la pelota!” – “Get ready to throw the ball!”

agarrar – to catch
“¡Prepárate para agarrar la pelota!” – “Get ready to catch the ball!”

driblar – to dribble
“Driblar la pelota rápido es clave para que tu oponente no pueda quitártela.” – “Dribbling the ball fast is key so that your opponent can’t take it from you.”

rematar – to spike
“Lo mejor de rematar la pelota es que normalmente el otro equipo no logra pegarle de regreso.” – “The best thing about spiking the ball is that the other team usually can’t hit the ball back.”

raqueta – racket
“Perdí mi raqueta la semana pasada” – “I lost my racket last week.”

red – net
“La red es blanca.” – “The net is white.”