Spanish Christmas Vocabulary

Christmas is a joyous occasion in many countries around the world. This day of festivities and celebrations is awaited all year long. However, in different countries, the celebrations might differ according to their cultures.

This guide to Spanish Christmas vocabulary aims to equip you with all the knowledge you need about Christmas words in Spanish.

Christmas Words in Spanish

Navidad Christmas
La Nochebuena Christmas Eve
El dia de Navidad Christmas Day
Una fiesta de Navidad Christmas Party

Terms related to Christmas Time in Spanish

Here are a few terms used to signify the time of Christmas in Spanish.

Diciembre December
Invierno Winter
La misa del gallo Midnight mass

Spanish Christmas Vocabulary: Food

An integral part of the festivities of Christmas is the food. Friends and family sit together to dine on the most delicious feasts to commemorate Christmas. Here are a few Christmas foods in Spanish.

El pudin de Navidad Christmas pudding
La tarta de Reyes Christmas cake
El Arroz con Leche Rice pudding
Las patatas Potatoes
El Pescado Fish
El Cordero Lamb
La Sopa Soup

Common Seasonal Expressions in Spanish

Here are a few seasonal expressions that are excessively used during Christmas. The Christmas vocabulary words in Spanish will help you celebrate without any language barriers.

Feliz Navidad Merry Christmas
Felices Fiestas Happy Holidays
La Navidad Nevada White Christmas
Januca Hanukkah
La Noche de Reyes Twelfth Night
Es la Temporada ‘Tis the season
El dia de Ano Nuevo New Year’s Day
La Noche Vieja New Year’s Eve

Christmas Verbs in Spanish

You will most likely be using a few verbs on Christmas as well. However, the most essential Christmas spirited words are as follows:

Recibir To receive
Dar To give
Abrir un regalo To open a present
Envolver un regalo To wrap a present

More Christmas Words in Spanish

The Spanish Christmas Vocabulary is so vast; we could never run out of words to say. However, here are a few more important Christmas words in Spanish.

San Nicolas/ Papa Noel Santa Claus
El arbol de Navidad Christmas Tree
Un villancico Christmas carol
La tarjeta de Navidad Christmas card
Un baston de caramelo Candy cane
Un regalo de Navidad Christmas present
El muerdago Mistletoe
Una bola de Navidad Ornament
Un hombre de nieve Snowman
El papel de regalo Wrapping paper
Una cadena de luces String of lights


Christmas is a hearty occasion for people all around the world. The joy it brings and the hope for a better year should not be left unexpressed due to language barriers. Make use of the Spanish Christmas vocabulary to make the most of your Christmas.