Estar with Prepositions

Estar with Prepositions

Estar Plus Prepositions Teaching Activity

Teaching estar with prepositions is something we usually cover in Spanish I. I like to use classroom objects in an activity I do with my students on this topic.

After I teach this lesson I instruct the class to pick one object in the class and describe its location using at least four prepositions. Students are to compare the object’s location using my computer as a reference point.

Once everyone has their sentences I call on individuals to read out loud. The entire class guesses what object the person is referring to. Once the object has been identified I describe the location of this same object with other prepositions.

Instead of using classroom nouns you can use locations of towns or states. Make sure to have a map visible if you choose this option. Sometimes I even use landmarks in town. Most days I follow this exercise with a quiet assignment to calm everyone down.