Teaching Saber vs. Conocer

After I teach these two verbs and go over their differences I split the class into groups of twos. Each group is to pick a famous person to describe using saber and conocer. Tell the students to write three sentences using "saber". Tell us what this person knows how to do and some facts that this character may know. Next, students write three sentences using "conocer". Tell us who this person knows personally, and what places he or she is familiar with.

After about ten minutes each group will read their six sentences to the class and people will try to guess who it is. Take a look at my example below:

LeBron James

1. Èl sabe jugar el baloncesto.

2. Èl sabe que hace calor en Miami.

3. Èl sabe que es difícil jugar en el NBA.

4. Conoce a Par Riley.

5. Conoce Miami.

6. Conoce Cleveland.