Classroom Vocabulary Activity

For each chapter that we cover there is almost always a list of new nouns and adjectives. The following activity can be used for teaching any Spanish vocabulary list.

After teaching the list of new words and going over the pronunciation, I write all of the Spanish words on the board. Each term is circled and there is plenty of space between words. I call up two volunteers to the board. Each student is handed a fly swatter. I pick one of the words and I say it in English. The first students to slap the Spanish equivalent is the winner. The first person to win five rounds is the winner. That student who wins gets to call out the next round of words for two new students.

To end this activity I usually challenge a student or two to compete against me. I give them a chance to win by making myself wait three seconds before I'm allowed to move. Kids love this game and beg to play it. Have fun!