Expressions for Personalities

una fuente cercana

A close source

“Una fuente cercana nos informó que se van a casar.” = “A close source informs us that they are going to get married.”

Ser como una cera

To be as gentle as a lamb.

“Mi padre es como una cera.” = “My dad is as gentle as a lamb.”

no tener pepita en la lengua

to be outspoken

“Puede ser malo no tener pepita en la lengua.” = “It can be bad to be outspoken.”


snobby, conceited or even preppy

“En mi pueblo hay muchas chicas fresas.” = “In my town there are a lot of snobby girls.”


Person who is a “know it all”

Edgar es un sabelotodo. No me gusta pasar tiempo con él.” = “Edgar is a know it all”. I don’t like hanging out with him.”

ser buena gente

to be a good person

“Yo conozco a Beto. Es buena gente” = “I know Beto. He’s a good guy.”