Estar with Adjectives

Using Estar with Adjectives to Describe Conditions and Emotions:

The verb “estar” and adjectives are used to describe emotional and physical conditions. Estar is conjugated according to the subject and the adjective must agree in number and gender.

Adjective Agreement in Gender

La casa está limpia. = The house is clean.

El cuarto está limpio = The room is clean.

El hombre está enojado = The man is angry.

La mujer está enojada. = The woman is angry.

Adjective Agreement in Number

Las casas están limpias. = The houses are clean.

Los cuartos están limpios. = The rooms are clean.

Los hombres están enojados = The men are angry.

Las mujeres están enojadas = The women are angry.

Common Adjectives Used with Estar for Emotions and Conditions:

abierto/a = open
aburrido/a = bored
cansado/a = tired
cerrado/a = closed
confundido/a = confused
contento/a = happy
desordenado/a = messy
enamorado/a = in love
enojado/a = angry
limpio/a = clean
listo/a = ready
nervioso/a = nervous
ocupado/a = busy
preocupado/a = worried
sucio/a = dirty
triste = sad

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