Fluency Exercises and Tips

1. Watch a movie that you know well in English with Spanish audio on.

2. At the end of the day summarize what you did out loud in Spanish to a friend or the mirror.

3. Pick a room in your house and name everything in it. Look up the words you don’t know and label those objects.

4. Think of an activity you did today and figure out what that verb is in Spanish. Now, conjugate that verb to each verb tense (present, preterit, imperfect…).

5. Translate the words to your favorite song into Spanish.

6. Go on Skype forums and join a conversation group for Spanish/English.

7. Think of the last meaningful conversation you had with someone. Write out the dialogue in Spanish the best you can. This one is difficult!

8. Translate your favorite songs into Spanish.

9. Volunteer for a social service position that deals with Spanish speakers.

10. Ask your public library to purchase Rosetta Stone and use it there for free!

11. The next time you come across a word that you don’t know type it into Google. Look at a few of the sites where Spanish speakers are using this word to see how it is used.

12. Write a short “how to”, in Spanish, explaining how to prepare your favorite meal.

13. Get “People” magazine in Spanish and read it!

14. Choose the Spanish option on the phone when given the choice.

15. Go to a Mexican restaurant and order in Spanish.

16. Look up a word that you don’t know in Spanish in the dictionary. Type it into Google, once you find out the meaning. Look at the top 10 sites that use this word to get an idea of how Spanish speakers use it.

17. Find an expression or phrase you don’t understand and ask a native speaker about it in a Spanish forum.

18. Label all the parts of your car in Spanish and write out a list of actions you do in the car or around it. Write a paragraph about the the things you do to maintain your car.

19. Watch the local news in English and immediately watch it in Spanish on Telemundo. Many of the stories will be the same.

20. Watch the world cup on the Spanish channel.

21. Read a manual for a new product you buy in Spanish.

22. Translate your favorite song.

23. Pick a grammar topic in Spanish. Do every exercise on this site that covers that area of the language.

24. Describe a family member using as many adjectives as possible.

25. Teach a grammar concept to another person. If you can teach it well, you really know it!

26. Buy a book on CD in Spanish that is a translation of a book you already read in English. Listen in your car while driving to work.

27. Text your friends in Spanish and let them look up what you are telling them.

28. Look at a map of your town and label the stores in Spanish.

29. Read an article about a current event in English and become very familiar with it. Next, read about that same event in Spanish and look up the words you don’t know. This will help you practice Spanish and get the gist of what is being said.

30. Go to an authentic Mexican restaurant and order in Spanish. Try to chat with the waiter. He has to be nice to you!

31. Pick a common sickness like having a cold and explain the symptoms in Spanish to a friend. Look up the medical words you don’t know before attempting this. Learn how to say common Spanish expressions for feeling bad. Type these expressions in Google to see how native speakers use the phrases.

32. Get a People magazine in Spanish at the supermarket. If you don’t live in an area with many Spanish speakers get a subscription. The articles are readable for an intermediate student.

33. Watch an entire soccer game in Spanish. Before doing this look up some key words in Spanish that have to do with soccer.

34. Change your Facebook language settings to Spanish. If you are a frequent user you will eventually learn a lot of new terms.