Common Symptoms for Nursing

To ask how a patient feels you can say:

“Se siente … + (symptom).” and that means “Do you feel….?”

Example: “¿Se siente mal?” = “Do you feel bad?”


“¿Está…(symptom)?” = “Are you + (condition)?”

Example: “¿Está enfermo?” = “Are you sick?”

To the question: “¿Se siente mal?” a patient would answer with: “Me siento mal.” = “I feel bad.”

To the question: “¿Está enfermo?” a patient would answer: “Estoy enfermo.” = I am sick.


Symptoms Vocabulary

The following vocabulary can be used with these statements to describe how a patient feels. For adjectives ending in “o” the ending will change to “a” for a female patient.

Example: (Male patient) “Estoy constipado.” = “I am constipated.”

(Female patient) “Estoy constipada.” = “I am constipated.”

cansado/cansada = tired

Estoy cansado. = I am tired.

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agotado/agotada = exhausted

Estoy agotado. = I am exhausted.

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ansioso/ansiosa = anxious

Estoy ansioso. = I am anxious.

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enfermo/enferma = sick

Me siento enfermo. = I feel sick.

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mareado/mareada = dizzy

Estoy mareado. = I am dizzy.

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lastimado/lastimada = hurt

Estoy lastimado. = I am hurt.

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