Commands Matching

Answer Bank
  • A. habla
  • B. no hable
  • C. no hables
  • D. coman la sopa
  • E. hablen
  • F. Piensen en el futuro
  • G. No traigas el vino
  • H. Di la verdad
  • I. Piensa en el futuro
  • J. Coma la sopa.

  1. Eat the soup. (command in the usted form)
  2. You ("tĂș"), think about the future.
  3. (All of you) Think about the future.
  4. (You or "tĂș") Don't bring the wine. (informal)
  5. (You) Tell the truth. (informal)
  6. To tell one person to "talk" informally is:
  7. To tell one person to "not talk" informally is:
  8. To tell one person to "not talk" formally is:
  9. To tell more than one person to "talk" (ustedes) is:
  10. To tell a group of people to "Eat the soup" is: .

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