Imperfect vs. Preterit Matching Activity

Match the letter with the correct sentence below.

Answer Bank
  • A. I used to eat in the restaurant
  • B. They called me on the phone
  • C. Imperfect tense
  • D. I ate in the restaurant
  • E. She was studying when he people were arriving
  • F. My mother talked with the teacher
  • G. My mother used to talk, or was talking to, the teacher.
  • H. An imperfect "AR" ending
  • I. Expression to state the time in the past
  • J. An ending for a verb in the imperfect
  • K. tres de la tarde
  • L. Preterite "er/ir" verb ending
  • M. She was studying when the people arrived.
  • N. Preterit tense
  • O. They used to call me on the phone

  1. This tense is used to describe past actions that have a clear ending point.
  2. This tense is used to describe past actions that were ongoing.
  3. Yo comía en el restaurante.
  4. Yo comí en el restaurante.
  5. Ella estudiaba cuando llegó la gente.
  6. Ella estudiaba cuando llegaban la gente.
  7. When describing the mental state of someone in the past you use the ________.
  8. When describing a sudden action on the past you would use the ____.
  9. Mi madre habló con el maestro.
  10. Mi madre hablaba con el maestro..
  11. "aba" is an ....
  12. "ió" is ....
  13. Eran las ....
  14. Me llamaron por teléfono..
  15. Me llamaban por teléfono..

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