Possessive Adjectives

These are words that tell you to whom or to what something belongs. For example: your shirt or his house.


(yo) mi
(tú) tu
(él/ella/usted) su
(nosotros/nosotras) nuestro/nuestra
(ellos/ellas/ustedes) su

my = mi
example: my book = mi libro

your (informal) = tu
example: your book = tu libro

his, her or your (formal) = su
example: his book = su libro

our = nuestro/nuestra
example: our book = nuestro libro

their/your (all of you) = su
examples: their book = su libro
Your (all of you) book = su libro


If what is being possessed is plural the possessive adjective changes to be plural.

(yo) mis
(tú) tus
(él/ella/usted) sus
(nosotros/nosotras) nuestros/nuestras
(ellos/ellas/ustedes) sus

my = mis
examples: my books = mis libros

your (informal) = tus
examples: your books = tus libros

his, her or your (formal) = sus
examples: his books = sus libros

our = nuestros/nuestras
examples: our books = nuestros libros

their/your (all of you) = sus
examples: their books = sus libros Your (all of you) books = sus libros

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